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Cave-Corvus: Latin for those who sit on Crows. More commonly used as "Slang" for young men who are unsure of there sexuality. Those who "Corvus their Cave" are commonly found inserting the beaks of young Crow hatchilings into their butts. It dates back to medieval times where a young boy was not to become a man until he undertook Corvuses Assessment. The Assessments were brutal challenges to test if a young man was adept enough to build a harpago. A simple enough challenge, except to earn the mark of Cave-Corvus one would must complete the Harpago with a minimum of thirteen crows heads well keistered. Only when the young man has built the Harpago with the Murder of crows squawking inside their personal man caves would they be awarded the "Cave-Corvus" tattoo, which confirmed them as a man, with a tail feather.
John- "Dude want to go party tonight?"
Fry- "No man, my dad keeps telling me i got to study and limber up for the Corvuses Assessment."
John-"Awesome! your going to become a Cave-Corvus!"
by J-Town01 May 17, 2012
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