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N: A woman usually infected with the growth of a penis. Usually this penis is embedded within the vagina, thus providing eternal sexual satisfaction. Also, see Horse Woman.

Native to America, the common Cave Donkey will usually come out at night in search of food or drink. Do not go near a Cave Donkey, they will often times confuse you for beer or maybe even a vibrator.

Info: The common Cave Donkey usually stands between 5'6" and 8'4". They may weigh anywhere between 95 to 350 lbs.
-Commonly seen on side streets or dark alleyways. Or anywhere in New York and Chicago.
Yo, she's totally a Cave Donkey.

Dude, you gonna go ask that Cave Donkey to dance?
Nah, I'd rather get punched in the ass by Rambo.

That Cave Donkey is shitting on my newspaper!

Tell Toby Kieth to keep his Cave Donkey in line!
by Drimicus August 03, 2008
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