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A kick ass punk rock band from Canada. No longer together, sadly. They have released 4 albums, all which kick ass, under the name Cauterize and two under the name T.O.E. Their music has appeared in the game 1080 Avalanche and the movie Eurotrip.

Their singles include:
Something Beautiful
Killing Me
Minor Key Symphony

Other badass songs include:
Waking To The Sun
Porcelain (A beautiful power ballad)
Shooting Stars
Miracles or Medicine

It's also worth noting that this band is CRIMANALLY underrated, and is up to par, and even better in some aspects, than mainstream punk bands such as Rise Against and Against Me!, anybody who enjoys the genre of music owes it to themselves to check Cauterize out.
Punk fan 1: Hey, isn't Rise Against a great band?
Punk fan 2: Yeah, but I think Cauterize is way better
Punk fan 1: Who the hell is Cauterize?
Punk fan 2: *Gives punk fan 1 a Cauterize CD*
Punk fan 1: Holy shit this is amazing! *Chucks Rise Against CD out the window*

*They both begin headbanging and moshing*
by thatguywiththecurlyhair July 31, 2009
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