To commit a blunder, and utterly render yourself vulnerable to be gawked or laughed at in public. Possible to be committed both physically and mentally. A temporary loss of intelligence.
The guy down the street caught one when he told me he got free refills for only 99 cents.
by A Founding Father September 5, 2011
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To be shot and killed.Past tense of catch one in which you are about to be shot.
He about to catch one if he keep fakin.
He caught one to the head for fakin last week.
by zxulu tha big lip bandit January 8, 2005
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when u almost caught one when busting ah nut,cumming, ejaculation, skeetin

Orgins in North Carolina
I almost caught one when i was dancing with this chick in the club.
by supaSTAR252 December 19, 2005
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Like unto the Shart. When you squeeze out a fart only to discover that something more soild than gas has escaped, you have "caught one in the net".
Dude you stink! You really strained on that last fart, you better check your shorts, I think you caught one in the net!
by FIATC February 1, 2009
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