When your cat acts aloof, ignores you, not in the mood for petting etc.
Aloofness, Cattitude
by inipi January 21, 2012
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Person A: After petting my cat, Mr. Jingles, he nipped at me and walked away.

Person B: Sounds like he's got some serious cattitude!
by 4wrdthnkndad July 30, 2010
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Having the attitude like that of a cat
She has a cattitude.
by filterspam October 22, 2008
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(adj.) of or pertaining to the finicky and egotistical attitude/nature a cat may portray. Catty and sassy all at once.
"Marlena displayed such cattitude with her glare when Mini was gettting all of the attention."
"Bridgette's cattitude made Madline mad as she hogged the warm spot in the sun."
by Daisy Hubble January 26, 2004
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