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Someone who has absolutely nothing to lose and also owns a ton of cats. Catshit crazy people are different from regular crazy people because of their attitude, activities and amount of cats they own. A regular crazy person would shoot at a plane with a pistol. A catshit crazy person will jump off of one plane with a knife in their hands, onto another, break the glass and kill the pilot ... and land safely with atleast one cat in tow. In order to be truly catshit crazy the person must do the most outrageous things and still return safely without hurting one of their many cats.
crazy: throw a brick through your window

catshit crazy: break up with a guy because he ate a cheeseburger before going to a bbq. Date a guy that works with your dad and plan your wedding after 3 dates. Contemplate breaking up with a guy you’re not even dating because he went to MSU.
by GPW September 13, 2011
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Catshit Crazy definition #2:
what your cat is being (or going), late at night, when it's all hyper & running around the house. meanwhile, you are trying to sleep & the cat is making hella noise.
What's all that ruckus? It's 1:30 in the morning!
Oh that's just "Mr. Whiskers" going catshit crazy.
by Lorenzo Zamboni May 04, 2016
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When someone randomly throws scoops of their cats shitpit (litter tray) out the window at randoms or at specific people or business's.
Omg he's reached a whole higher level of bat shit crazy, he's catshit crazy, time to dodge the cat poo
by Jersey Cream August 08, 2016
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