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A Catphin is one of the rarest female animal-humans on the face of the planet (so rare, in fact, that in time of writing, only one sole live specimen has been reported). Generally a Catphin’s personality is deeply founded in the best features and characteristics from cats’ and dolphins’ personalities. To mention a few such characteristics: In a charming fashion, they are ever so curious (there’s no keeping secrets from them). They are slightly elusive in a very sensual way (you’ll find yourself turned on by the fact that you’ll never understand the Catphin completely). They tend to have a randomized thought pattern which will confuse their adversaries but very much please and entertain their friends and loved ones. They love horsies, polar bears, cows and tigers. Due to their duo-/twin-personality they can often be heard saying quite strange things. Also, Catphins have consistencies with the physiology of cats and dolphins – for instance, only half their brain sleeps at a time, they move gracefully both on land and in water, they purr quite often (especially when you stroke them gently behind the ears), they will scratch you and paw-claw-stump on your back when they get excited, they do not function well when they are hungry (not well at all), they have a silent fascination for worm cures, and they tend to investigate things by smell prior to using any other senses (and sometimes they will drool all over you).
Catphin whispers "This is it" and horsie is happy
Typical Catphin sentences: "I hit my wife on the head with bobble plastic today at the post office", "I have played with pesto, which turned bisexual because it was both older sister and older brother... but then it died and turned asexual" and "you are so funny, you could be the milk man"
by Blueshifted October 27, 2009
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