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A Cathostant (Cath-O-Stant) is a protestant with serious Catholic love. A protestant who enjoys saying the rosary, praising The Sacred Heart of Jesus, admires Catholic statues, meditating on the stations of the Cross. Crosses themselves before prayer and may even use the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Anglo-Catholics are the most famous Cathostants, but many protestants emerse themselves in Catholic lore and practice, whilst retaining their 'salvation by grace through faith alone' stance. Cathostants are rapidly growing. A healthy sign that prayers for Catholic/Protestant friendship and re-building are being heard by God Almighty. Praise be to Jesus!
Jimmy the baptist- "Like, that Casper dude wears a cross with Our Lord still on it, crosses himself, says the rosary, wears a scapular and a sacred heart medal but claims to be a Protestant!"

Dave the open minded baptist- "Yeah. He's a Cathostant. They love Catholic culture as it inspires their faith but retain Luther's teachings on "Salvation by grace through faith alone'.

by pepsicola September 16, 2006
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