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When you pray the Rosary whenever you can, you read the NAB version of the Holy Bible. You know where the Pope is at all times and you keep up with the president election because you don't want Obama to take away your religious freedom. You have catholic swag when you wear your Rosary not just as a necklace, but as a statement. You KNOW when you have Catholic Swag when a Protestant comes up to you and tells you that you do not have a personal relationship with Christ, and you tell them ,"I take the Eucharist every Sunday, the Eucharist is the Body of Christ, It can not get anymore personal than that SISTAH!" OH BUDDAY and YOU KNOW when you have Catholic Swag when your best friend wants to become a Priest and he is the coolest guy in youth group and when your best friend Jill wants to be a Sister and you are like AMEN AMEN AMEN!! Pray for each other, Love each other, God Bless <3 #Catholic SWAG
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John: Hey did you go to Cafe Con Cristo last Friday?

Jill: Yeah! It was Catholic Swagged up to the max! See you at the Catholic Swag event next Saturday!
John: Aiight, Pray for me okay gurl ?
Jill: Amen to that my brother in Christ, see ya Sunday!
by CatholicSwagGirl September 05, 2012
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