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A game played by teenagers. One person will stand in the middle of a circle made up of all other players. All other players will be paired up and be sitting crosslegged one behind the other. Each pair is labeled a number, starting with one and going clockwise around the circle until each pair is numbered. The person in the middle will call the number of a pair, 7 for example, and the person sitting in front of that pair will try to touch the foot of the person in the middle, while the person in the back must try to keep them from doing so. The person in front has a certain amount of seconds to complete this but the commonly used number is seven seconds. If the person in front completes the task of touching to foot of the person in the center then they now get to stand in the center and choose a number, however if they do not touch the foot of the person in the center the person who held them back now gets to stand in the center.
"Hey, are you going to the big game of Catch-a-Booty at the park?"
by Therees July 30, 2009
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