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noun. A sex position in which a girl lays down completely naked and starts meowing while another person completely naked stands above the girl meowing and hissing and letting drool slowly drip off their tongue while moving their tongue back and forth causing the spit to drop in a zigzag formation until it lands on the girl's tits or vagina which is spread with clamps.

verb. To stand over a naked girl while you're completely naked and let your drool swing from side to side off your tongue until it lands in the girl's vagina while you both meow.
Noun Form:
During class the other day, my teacher asked me to stay after class to talk to her about something. So after the bell rang I stayed. Once everyone had left, she closed the door, turned toward me, and grabbed me by the clasper (that's shark-talk for penis) which turned immediately hard. Then, she looked me straight in the eye and said, "I want a cat-shower!" At this point had to pretend to tie my shoe to hide my raging boner and then I proceeded to give her a cat-shower, completely naked and meowing the whole time.

Verb Form:
- Hey man! How was that Filipino hooker last night?
- Oh man it was fucking crazy! I cat-showered her so hard Bro!
- Nice! Were her pussy lips spread with clamps?
- Of course! Otherwise it wouldn't have been a cat-shower!
- True..
by I have a weiner on my nips. April 06, 2011
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