Cat style (similar to doggy style) is a sex position in which the female lays on her stomach while arching her ass in the air. The position resembles a cat ready to pounce.
"Dude, me and my girl did cat style last night. I guess you could say I pound the pussy."
by Yah Boi Dom October 21, 2009
A sexual position where one person licks their fist then bats it on the vagina. Also, one of the participants helps the other lick their own balls like a cat. And then the man ejaculates in a bowl while the other drinks the semen like a cat would drink milk.
"How did your date go last night?"

"I put dat bitch in da mufuckin cat style yaa mean homie boii"
by Sgt. Nipples~ November 28, 2012
A sexual act that includes a milk saucer, a can of tuna, and a onesie with a butt flap.
For their anniversary she wore a onesie and with excitement he asked "are we doing it kitty cat style tonight?!"
by Laxingirl March 18, 2017
A style cat is a person (male or female) between 14 and 25 who dresses only according to the biggest trends. Typically listen to Indie Rock, and attend as many concerts as they can.

Style Cat MEN usually have boxy thick rimmed glasses, a bread or moustache (otherwise known as a moulestache), flannel shirts, tight jeans, long hair they don't wash and let fall where ever it wants to, sweaters, can be skinny or chubby, usually tall-ish (at least 5' 8"), an iphone or blackberry, and mocasins or loafers.

Style Cat WOMEN usually have short hair, bags of some kind (typically side part that does NOT cover one eye), Tight jeans or shorts, bracelets , necklaces with long chains and big pendants, lip or nose piercings, button up shirts with flannel style patterns on them, flats chuck's or vans, tattoos, an iphone or blackberry, some thin eyeliner mascara and lip balm, usually skinny.

Style Cats are unlike scene kids in the fact that they are usually dressed the way they are because they like the way it makes them look and not necesarily because it is popular. Style Cats are usually very friendly people, and will openly share how they do their hair or makeup, and where they buy their clothes.

Typically don't use chat speak, and use obscure internet refrences and old-timey words like indeed.

They usually are found in a pair (a man and a woman) but normally don't date within the same group.
Style Cat Man: OH HAI! are you going to the Ra Ra Riot concert with me tonight?

Style Cat Woman: Haha. Oh you know I am! That band is the best.

SCM: Hell yes they are!! We better get there early so we can be near the stage.

SCW: Indeed we should, I'm game for whenever. It's not like I take long to get ready.

SCM: Ha! You take more time than Oolong the pancake bunny.
by Winifred_Ann October 23, 2009