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Originated after airline deregulation in 1978. Cat Hunting is the act of hunting for stray cats while Flight Attendants are on long layovers in international and domestic locations. The participants are normally divorced and those who have been flying for over 10 years. Flight Attendants use many methods (stetegically placing open cans of cat food around the layover hotel, trees, dumpsters and parks) to attract the stray cats and take them home at the conclusion of the trip.
Example 1:

Flight Attendant #3: Where are Sue and Rob?

Flight Attendant #4: I believe they went cat hunting yesterday.

Flight Attendant #1(Rob): Sorry I'm late. Our trip ran alittle late.

Flight Attendant #2(Sue): I managed to catch 3 cats this week! Momma is a WINNER!

Example 2:

Flight Attendant #1: Are you going to join Sue and I on our layover in Pittsburgh?

Flight Attendant #2: We are going cat hunting! We usually have good luck in Pittsburgh!

Flight Attendant Newbie: ummm, I'm allergic to cats.

Flight Attendant #1 : Tragic!!! Work would be so boring if I couldn't go cat hunting with the crew!
by Pitflyguy March 02, 2012
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Cat hunting is generally a from of road hunting practiced by drunken white rednecks. It is a game, in witch the goal is to kill as many cats as possible, while at the same time attempting to consume a entire case of keystone to yourself. The scoreing is standard one point a cat, unless you manage to kill one with your bare hands. a veteran cat hunter will have Sever scaring on their hands and forearms, from attempted "hand kills." Points are lost when the police are called. The weapons usualy vary by location, the the more urban and high class the more stealth is required, the more rual or trashy the hunting ground becomes less discrete wepons are requred. The general order of weapons is, blowguns, a 22, then a 12 gage shotgun.
I had to go to the doctor after cat hunting last week.
I am so drunk! Lets go cat hunting, who can still drive?
No officer we were not cat hunting.
Karl went out cat hunting last week and got a hand kill on a HUGE cat! it made Joe and Doug record books.
I went cat hunting with a blowgun last night, and it took 23 darts to kill that beast.
by Commie Killer November 09, 2008
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