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While some belive that it is pure ground bits of angel hair, it is truly only the greatest form of chewing tabbacco known to man. It comes in two forms, long cut, and its shorter cut brother snuff. It is generaly preferd by veteran dippers, because of its higher nicoteen content and bitter taste. It is the chew of choice for all forms of hillbillys and cowboys. Its effects on rookie dippers is generaly vomiting, while in the veterans it produses euphoria. A large dip taken by a veteran may even result in a "tweek out", a form of pure joy expressed by a violant jerking of the body and strage noises made famouse by the imfamouse "Dip Master" Spencer Miles.
God I love Copenhagen!
NO i dont want pussy skoal, im a man I need Copenhagen
Doug: I dont like Copenhagen, i like skoal and grizzly.
Tyler Durrdan: We are goning to have to take his balls.
by Commie Killer November 09, 2008

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Cat hunting is generally a from of road hunting practiced by drunken white rednecks. It is a game, in witch the goal is to kill as many cats as possible, while at the same time attempting to consume a entire case of keystone to yourself. The scoreing is standard one point a cat, unless you manage to kill one with your bare hands. a veteran cat hunter will have Sever scaring on their hands and forearms, from attempted "hand kills." Points are lost when the police are called. The weapons usualy vary by location, the the more urban and high class the more stealth is required, the more rual or trashy the hunting ground becomes less discrete wepons are requred. The general order of weapons is, blowguns, a 22, then a 12 gage shotgun.
I had to go to the doctor after cat hunting last week.
I am so drunk! Lets go cat hunting, who can still drive?
No officer we were not cat hunting.
Karl went out cat hunting last week and got a hand kill on a HUGE cat! it made Joe and Doug record books.
I went cat hunting with a blowgun last night, and it took 23 darts to kill that beast.
by Commie Killer November 09, 2008

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A game played by poeple who hate emos more than emos hate themselves, particulerly highs school wrestlers, or hillbillys, but the greatest bashers of all time have been both. the goal of the game is to injure as many of the fags as possible, before the police arive. the game requeres not only bashing ability, but also the ability to chase them down, as they are pussys and never stand and fight. Not only is it a game but it also a form of community service,praised by all, especialy the elderly of the great generation. The act of emo bashing is only looked down upon by politically correct liberals.
Doug: what do you want to do tonight?
Joe: lets get shit-faced and go emo bashing!
World war two vet: i wish there was more kids like you emo bashers to beat some sence into those litte queers.
how can we help all those little cross dressing emo fags? we can bash the shit out of them untill they grow the fuck up.
by Commie Killer November 10, 2008

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Pure euphoria, expesed in the form of violant jerking of the entire body along with strange high pitched noises. while its creator is unkonwn, it mas make famouse by the great, Spencer "tweek" Miles. It is most commonly caused by a massive dip of copenhagen after a long period without tobacco, but can be triggerd by anything that produces large amounts of joy.
Holy crap, he just did a massive tweek out.
Dont let spencer have a big dip or he will teek out to death.
Come on Spencer Do a teek out, who cares if your mom gets mad.
Spencer it you win your wrestling match, you have to do a massive tweek out
by Commie Killer November 10, 2008

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