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Another creative nonfiction term for contributors who do fic from established copyrighted properties that are not in the public domain. Noted when a creative nonfiction writer is doing an investigative blog they often employ fair use for reporting purposes as Frontier Foundation noted. The most high profile example of this is having to be Fredrik Colting who lifted Catcher in the Rye.

I did a creative nonfiction short that was a dead on match to the style of the novel right down to the strong language and nihilism it presented. This is common when one would see bricks or door stops on the website when you have those who produce novels of established copyrighted characters. Gene Roddenberry noticed this in the 1960s and gave some of them a published outlet. It's noted in the small press in 2005-2007 had ushered some from the circuit as The Twilight Zone fandom and Edgar Allan Poe fandoms often will see published writers emerge from there because the stories are extremely original. Don't use this term with Archive of our Own higher ups as they'd get pissed -- it's known as a snarl term unless you're in the mood to start a flame war. Noted they got mad when The Fandom Writer's guilty party pointed out, "I don't want to see my characters portrayed as peter puffers or donut punchers." They had a collective gasp over that remark.
Lovely the publisher is getting swarmed with those who are freely engaging in the practice of "Casual Copyright Infringement." Twilight fanfiction are often pulling the stunt known as "pull to publish" or "scraping off the serial numbers." The Fandom Writer's guilty party pulled a wiseass move and sneak Creative Nonfiction on as he's got something on there developed by a classmate from Glenbard East based upon the notes the classmate did of the character in 2007. The Forever Knight fandom had seen published authors going as far back as 2002; as one of them was trailed by Archive of our Own as she had a novel in 2002 and appeared in an anthology with me as she did the final edits to secure my slot with the alternate.

What's that if you're asking?

It's a snarl term for FanFanfiction using established copyrighted characters (ie from copyrights that are still established and going for the lifetime of the creator. Public Domain based fandoms are often picked up in anthologies if in the right place and right time.)
by ilinoishorrorman February 16, 2018
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