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Rachel: Sistew! I'll miss you soooo much, girlie. ;-; We're still going to college together, right? (Monkey Butt fur shall live on)
Jessie: Other sister! Hang in there, a'ight? Ya' better not leave me on this earth alone, love you too much for that.
Nikki: <3333!!! I LOVE you sooo much, Nikki, and i'll miss you fo'evah. Don't think you'll be so easily forgotton.
Padfoot: Girl we be hangin' out through our thoughts, right? Stay strong, keep up the good work, You're a great girl!
Maddy: Oooh, i'm guhna miss you. I might be back some day soon, but till then..*flashes her badge*
Rain: Girli-o you're so cool, i don't wanna leave you :'( mup on!!
Bella: Aww Bella you were a great daughter, Your mummy loves you!
Mike: Take care of everybody and skurtion for me? I'm counting on you, kid-o.
Naomi: Mommy!! I'll miss you dearly, and i'll NEVER forget you! I'll check it all out some day, again. But until some day, Love you bunches!
Tara: Hey girl i know we didn't chat much but i'm still guhna miss you!
Betz: Betsyyyy, i'll miss yoooou, Take care of N for me, right?
Lori: Hey dude thanks for all the help in math, even though it did get me angry some times. :P Love ya
Ashton: I know we had a lot of fights but i still love ya kid, and i'll see you some day, so keep ya' chin up!
Zack: You were one of my very first friends, and you'll always be my bestest guy friend forever and ever! Mahal na mahal kita, right?
Ali: Girl-i-o! if only we could have talked more, eh? I didn't get enough time to be your friend ;_; Keep the triplets of fuck alive without me?
Matt: Matty! I'm gunna miss you, kidd-o. I don't know how you were related to me, but you were... and that's all that matters. :P Stay fly, a'ight
Kyle: Lol i barely got to know you, but you was the cat's meow. so coolio, i'll see ya some time in the next life, whenever that is.
I'll miss you guys, and never forget a single one of you! (If i fogot you in the list, sorry... all of it applies to you, i'm just stoned off my meds right now)
These people are the coolest, most awsomest, people in the world. If you're lucky, you'll be blessed and meet one of them. I was lucky enough to meet all of them...
by Cassidy February 24, 2005
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