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(n): The original term of usage in which a marijuana smoking pipe has eliminated the inside substance thus remaining ash and hopefully some resin
(v)ed: When someone has hit the bowl for the last time and there is no more marijauana product remaing in the bowl.

Syn:(pootstania, johnny cashed, kicked, beat, snuffed, cashed, skeeted, ratted, done, empty, Ked, trimed, skimmed, scrat, fucked, dipped, clamed, caked, (a type of shwag), skimp, toasted, crushed, krushed, dunzo, cut to tut or rut to gut, housed, knocked, corn of the cob, smashed, slutted, ashed, assholed, torched, creamed, tossed, burnt, worked, forked, poopy, dankless, dechronofied, killed, flushed, dumped, yorked, axed, dorked, etc.)
(n)This bowl is Cashulu.

(n) Well we have been chiefing this bowl pretty hard, it is for sure Cashulu.

(adj):Don't ever pass me a Cashulu bowl!

(v):That shit better not be Cashulued, you rat!

(n):Lets dipset, this bowl is Cashulu.

by Winediesel February 23, 2009
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