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A bitch who murdered her kid, lied under oath, and contracted herpes from her lawyer and blamed her dad. A heavy alcoholic and addict of cocaine and meth. Commonly known to have an addiction of becoming pregnant and killing the child to go out and party. Then post video diaries to explain how happy you are because you are not responsible for another life anymore because you took it away. It is predetermined that Satan is dancing in his glory in the manipulation of this soul. Worships satanic beliefs and is the devils advocate by producing his children.
One rule to parenting, don't be Casey Killer Anthony
Ew bro, she's a ugly ass cocaine tipsy bitch who is so dumb she can't use her own common sense. Somebody better put this bitch back in her motherfucking place...maybe like the government?
by TheHolySpirit January 13, 2012
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