Carykh, also known as Cary Huang, is one of the two original creators of BFDI, along with Michael Huang. He also has a website, Cary also has a personal YouTube channel, Carykh, and one he owns with Michael, jacknjellify.
Carykh co-created my favorite object show, BFDI!
by Reat June 1, 2022
Carykh is a youtuber who has 562K subscribers and he's verified, He's made a game called Elemental 3 but you cant play anymore, He's also made 2 games about the size of the universe and Kurzgesagt made a game called "The universe in a nutshell" inspired by Carykh's game.
Carykh is quite a popular youtuber.
My favourite youtuber is Carykh.
by EstonianCabbage July 25, 2022