Adhering to, representative of or referencing a cartoon. Normally something that is exaggerated and comical in the style or archetypes of a cartoons.
He walked in with soot on his face like he had witnessed an explosion. It was so cartoonish
by Hugh Wards July 11, 2020
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Cartoonish is childly and delightful,
like cupcakes and sammiches.
it doesn't mean like a cartoon, though.
Cartoons are childly, just not delightful.
kaelyn:"oh i just love my cupcake, with its cartoonish frosting."
by dinosaursgorawr March 24, 2008
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Cartoon graphics are exaggerated, caricature, and comic-style visualizations of game characters and environments.
by MaterWelonXD June 11, 2021
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