1. Seemingly animate entities
whose apparent life and motion
is derived by flash-card presentation
of a series of still images
drawn or crafted by
an artist or animator.

2.Real-life people whose
actions or expressions are
so caricatured or histrionic
that they seem like TOONS.
1. "That cartoon character smashed
right through a wall and left behind
a silhouette."

2. "Those cartoon characters are
really spouting out their blowholes."
by skipix November 29, 2006
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Manga shonen is the most powerful hero to protect the earth...MORE POWERFUL THAN HERCULES......apparently he used to be a normal human like all of us, but one day he became a cartoon...its mostly unknown exactly how he became a cartoon character but eventually we will find out. Did I mention he’s only 13 years old? Yeah bet you didn’t see that coming. He also breaks the 4th wall...no wonder he wears that Deadpool suit...THATS ALL FOLKS!!!!!
Manga shonen the immortal cartoon character: being immortal sucks
Person: are you sure?
Manga shonen the immortal cartoon character: yes
by Psycho cartoon March 25, 2021
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