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"Cazza D" 15 minutes from Frankston. A place where you can walk the streets at night, get shit faced and trash other peoples property. Getting chased by cops is now a hobby & smashing innocent people goes down quite a treat (Drive by's, stabbings & drugs may be included)
"Party in Carrum Downs tonight!"
"Shit yeah! Lets get all the Cazza D boys out"
by Rumple Stiltskin March 11, 2008
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unemployed no good, drinking rednecks, with nothing more to do with there time but have fights or cause fights. children run wild, drugs police, much like the bronx. also sleeping with each others partners.
hey wanna go to da carrum downs pub and score, stuff the kids they'll be right.
shit theres my mrs. Fuck i have no money for a beer.
by exwifey July 22, 2008
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carrum downs the newer more violent version of the pines, all the teenagers meet at the shops to gang bash each other fight innocent people, most of the young girls root around with all the cazza d boys. who like to be the main cause of violense drug abbuse partys bashings street racing and drifting and everything illeagal that usally happens, most arent scared of anything, more newer are dirt bikes riding around crazy 24/7.. it is run by these guys at the police cant stop them
hey boys! wat u wanna do tonight in carrum downs?

lets get fucked up when the bottle o opens get some drugs and go drive around looking for people to smash, then go meet up with some girls
by bringdds December 22, 2008
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