Carring is when you get in your car and you just GO. It's when you dO and when you jUsT LIVE.
Let's go make emo carpool karaoke part 3 while carring.
by Ameera The Rat January 1, 2020
It is when you drive in a car. You just do and you just live. This word was made by CrankthatFrank.
by EmoToast January 1, 2020
When you get in your car and you just go, and you just do, and you just live.
"Carring is when you get in your car, and you just go"
by shooken January 1, 2020
What you say when you think about your car then start having a seizure.
by 162963192.102370127397 November 10, 2020
An activity that hooligans take part in that involves going from one car to the next in hopes of finding one door that is unlocked and stealing some interesting paraphernalia.
Hick 1: Look at those three teenagers going car to car, I'm going to take off my shirt and follow them with my truck.

Hick 2: K, just let me put on my zebra print pajamas and i'll be out in a jiffy.

Hick 1: Sweet, we're not gunna let those thugs engage in any inappropriate shenanigans.