Carrieann is a natural beauty, she is smart, funny, kind and always up for a laugh. She is an optimistic person and likes surprises. She is a great friend and those lucky enough to be her friends are the luckiest people in the world. She will always stick up for herself and anyone else she cares about. Carrieann's can have a stubborn side but if you know her well enough you can usually compromise. If you're ever lucky enough to have a Carrieann in your life hold onto her, she's a rare find.
Girl: She's always there for me

Girl 2: She must be a Carrieann!
by Defineyourself March 1, 2013
Beautiful, funny, always there for people no matter what the circumstances. Carrieanne's always give so much love towards others but rarely often receive anything back. Carrieanne's like to be alone and often overthink circumstances. A true beauty in the heart and a pleasure to know. Although she's hurt easily, look after her and forever keep her in your heart.
"Carrieanne is always there for me"
by Victoriaapril March 16, 2015