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Lives on the coast of North or South Carolina. Generally originate from wealthy families. They wear Costa del Mar sunglasses, always with croakies. They enjoy Sperry boating shoes and Guy Harvey tshirts. For dress up occasions, they wear light blue button down shirts with the sleeves rolled up and khaki pants. For extreme fancy occasions, they wear seersucker suits. They generally sport straight hair, swept to the left or right. Carolina bros enjoy fishing, hunting and mudding. They are a unique, but extremely abundant group of men concentrated in Murrells Inlet and Pawleys Island, South Carolina.
Person 1: Hey why is that guy wearing sunglasses and croakies inside?

Person 2: He is a total Carolina bro. It is part of the uniform and he is unable to remove them unless he is sleeping.
by GeoffreyChaucer November 04, 2010
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