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Carol stream is a small town with a very strict police force, some people call it ghetto but its not really ghetto, their are a lot of underaged kids (mainly middle and high school kids) that vape do drugs or sell them, I know people in wich have done does stuff and even in school kids vape in the bathrooms. Also there are a lot of fights that happen at middle and high schools. Their r only 2 middle school jay stream and Stratford they r rivals but jay is considered the more ghetto school and Stratford as the white school from my experience carol stream is a chill town but you better watch out with who u tall too and hang out with its a mainly diverced community with a lot of mexicans and balcks in the mix I am Mexican and from my experience the schools r racist (sometimes) and sometimes me and my friends get in trouble for no reason but overall carol stream ok
Me: u live in carol stream
They: yes kid
by Carol stream January 01, 2019
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A small town in Illinois; Dupage County. Most people who live there go to Glenbard North High School or West Chicago High School.

Most people who went to middle school went to Benjamin Middle School and then went to Wego.

Population in July 2009: 40,041
Guy: Hey, what city do you live in?
Girl: Carol Stream
Guy: Nice place
by Bored_Kid January 14, 2012
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