A noise after the cougar hunter finishes his prey
" oh Carhart!!!!!!!!!"
by J Clesse May 20, 2010
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a person who thinks that looking the part makes up for lack of knowledge, they have no idea what they are doing and are in a managerial position but suck at it, often found parading around talking on their cell phones avoiding serious work issues. Carhart cowboys have no useful education, work experience or aptude to do what they are in charge of in their field.
He's such a carhart cowboy, if brains were dynamite he wouldn't have enough to blow his nose.
by wtxtumbleweed January 17, 2011
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When you fart inside a pair of Carhart bibs and it creeps up the front and hits you right in the face.
Farted in my bibs this morning. Gave myself a Carhart Creeper.
by Snowman50522 November 10, 2018
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