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Verb: The act of murdering any healthy way of life you may have been leading, up until the moment you decided to binge eat carb intensive foods. Completely undermining weeks or even months of hard work and abstinence. Carbacide is usually done at 4 am in a Taco Bell drive through or at a street vendors wok station in the middle of Key West.
ade is shitfaced and stoned 6 ways from Sunday, dont take her to Taco Bell right now, you know she's going to commit carbacide, despite her Ana tendencies.

I'm not sure if Fantasy Fest was the best idea... After watching Coy plead with the police to let him commit carbacide via wok tossed dog at 4AM. (It's illegal to buy food after 4am in the keys)
by your dietitian November 01, 2010
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