Caragh is a beautiful, funny girl that everyone loves, she has an addictive personality, everyone wants to be friends with Caragh.
That girl is such a Caragh.
by Phoebe Hoare August 29, 2007
A caragh is an outgoing and sweet person. Her natural habitat tends to be around athletic members of society and art studios. She has the common sense to know what's right and what's wrong, so she always has good friends. She's all around one of the most beautiful people you will ever meet.
I wish I was as awesome as that caragh over there!
by braceforimpact January 23, 2011
A Caragh is a strong and intelligent girl, she is always upfront with her opinions and is open minded. A Caragh is the most beautiful girl you will ever meet. A Caragh is the sexiest and is most usually fit. She is a bomb in the sheets with her fit body and careful touch. A Caragh makes the best girlfriend and friend. Everyone wants to be friends with Caragh!
Wow that girl is definetly a Caragh!
by Janasees April 13, 2015
She Is a beauty is not afraid to put herself out there you want to be her friend she is hot but usually doesn’t pick out her clothes she is really active and likes sports but is lazy when she gets the chance
Wow I wanna be caragh’s friend

Yeah she’s so beautiful
by Lilly_coles February 24, 2019
Caragh Is a VIRGIN
by 0 Nans February 2, 2019
tightest fanny in the school. is attracted to rory
caragh wants rorys pubeless cock inside of her
by biggestcockofthecentury October 26, 2019