someone who pops up at the worst possible time and ruins a deal, whether it's buying a crappy car, or attempting to talk a supermodel into banging you.
Everyone thought Erin Andrews was out of my league, but I was two seconds away from bringing her back to my place when some fucking Car-Fax-puppet interrupted and said I have herpes.
by Mabrus March 15, 2011
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It is usually used whenever someone wants proof of something or asks to see something
Guy 1: bro i got nudes from this thick bitch
Guy 2: On Jah? Show me the car fax.
Guy 1: Im just playing cuh im cappin
by nickisaretard March 17, 2019
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When you on Ft with yo girl and you wanna see her tittes
I was on ft with my girl and I said show me the car faxs then she flashed me :)
by HBMCLXUT February 9, 2018
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