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1 of the longest running children's TV shows, 1st episode Oct. 3, 1955. Bob Keeshan starred as Captain Kangaroo & at age 29 he dyed his hair gray to appear more "grandfatherly". His sidekick Mr. Green Jeans (he did wear green jeans overalls!) was played by Hugh Brannum. A few of the main characters were Mr. Moose, Mr. Rabbit, & Grandfather clock.
Captain Kangaroo was so popular & many, many kids watched it & were highly entertained; a great show!
by Starchylde May 21, 2016
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A man who participates in the sexual act of inserting his erect penis into a fold of the midsection of a female weighing 200 lbs or more, putting on a captain sailor hat, then making the female jump up and down like a kangaroo until he ejaculates into the fold.
Ryan, did you hear Joey had fat ankle night last night? He went crazy on a couple big girls and earned a new title of Captain Kangaroo.
by Fodeez August 03, 2011
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