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It has been a known fact that select women experience ejaculation during orgasm, it is a less known fact that many women who have never done it, in fact can and most women have that control they just need to be trained to do so. Captaincunnilingus is a man that can control it, simply meaning this "Talent" be it natural or something he was taught, i am not sure. He has the talent to most times with oral stimulation introduce women to female ejaculation that have never done so before.
This is 100% true myself and 4 other women that i personally know have experienced this. No Girls I am not allowed to say his name here due to The definition rules so i will just call him H. - I believe he has settled down with some lucky one and no longer practices his talent outside the house, But if your in the denver area ask about Captaincunnilingus
by Wehadtoletyaknow February 16, 2011
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