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- A person who lies and scams others.

- A very frustrated homosexual man.
- "That CapnMarv has stolen my money and ruined my life."

- "Sometimes, when I am around other men, I feel CapnMarv."
by Anyone November 18, 2004
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A person who enjoys touching little boys and then stealing their money to feed his fat ass.
One time, at band camp, capnmarv touched me and stole my lunch money.
by Someone December 13, 2004
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- a pitiful admin

- a person, who fears confrontation of arguments and bans people

- an admin, who got his players so deep inside..

- most incompetent admin people met over the Internet

- complete lack of skills, knowledge and experience

- a person, who is unable to release one patch server instead of 1230972103 patches & fixes

- a person, who cant talk to players like a professional admin

- a "wannabe" admin

- a person of no trust, who says one thing and then is doing another

- a person who is often being left after some time

- a person who knows nothing about tcp/ip, database systems, programming

- a person, who should take some courses of above

- a person, who is hated by players, because of banning without reason

- a person, who prefers Hitler and Saddam style of leadership

- a person, who should google term "charisma" once a day

- a person who leads sever built on lies, incompetence, terror and "wannabe" experiences
Admin of ultimal2 server (, free shard of Lineage2, one of most populated long time ago, but people leave it after some time.
by Ul2 Player April 29, 2005
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