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A nearly abandoned town on the Atlantic Coast. Prior to the opening of the Confederation Bridge to PEI it was a booming town due to the ferry service running to PEI which provided many jobs for the people and helped its economy. When the bridge was finished and opened in 1997 the ferry service was shut down and over 600 people lost their jobs as a result. Faced with no jobs most people were forced to leave the town and find employment elsewhere. Most of the ferry terminal and wharf structures were dismantled as well as most of the buildings in the town except for a few which are slowly decaying. It is essentially a ghost town now except for the last holdouts,fishermen and a crumbling wharf and a few buildings left to tell of what once was.
I went to Cape Tormentine it was deadly still and I did not see a single soul while I was there.
by bubbzzzz February 12, 2010
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