One of the most intelligent absolutely gorgeous woman you will ever meet. She is a combination of sassy, bossy, and stubborn. A loyal friend to those that prove they are just as loyal. Very protective of those she loves. She is level headed and trustworthy. Her beauty and awesome attitude leads to many wanting to be in her life and those that have been in her life once never want to be without her.
Candida is somebody that I will never forget, if I had to be left in the world with just one person I would chose her.

I have never been loved as much as I had been by Candida.
by firefly2007 October 29, 2011
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A furious influx of Candida sp. yeast in the vagina. Can result from Molasses Contra.. Symptoms include burning and itching.
Totally had a Molasses Contra Scandal with my girlfriend, now she is experiencing a Candida storm.
by DamnitCamn July 3, 2011
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