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A Canchan is a man who is well-dressed, intelligent, and able to seduce women faster than you can say his name. "Canchan" is an appropriate word for those who can fight thousands of killer whales in the Atlantic Ocean using one foot for the lives of innocent orphans, then proceeding to jump once to the depths of Canada to rip bears fur off alive to make coats for the unemployed. Canchan is always one to live by the Bro Code, and never says no to a baby eating festival.
(girl) Wow, I never thought it was possible to harpoon snakes into skyscrapers! That Derrick is quite the Canchan!
(girl) Wow, my face and perfectly rounded tits are now stained from the massive load that Canchan just blew on me! It's like permanent paint on my face!
by Jinner541 July 04, 2011
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