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Canastota home of the Raiders. A small town located in upstate New York. Canastota is home to more cows than people. The majority of the residents in Canastota are either onion farmers or believe they are in the mob. They are also all related somehow. This is because everyone in Canastota thinks their Italian even though they cannot speek a word or have even been to Italy. Canastota is home to the International Boxing Hall of Fame. However, no one who lives in Canastota has ever been there.
Canastota resident: Hey, friday night what you want to do?

Canastota resident: Let's go to Wal Mart...cuz.
by aehteb78 June 17, 2009
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A Great Place to Commit Incest & Die.

Canastota is a corruption of the Iroquois Knistestota which means: "We poor white trash from New England are taking your land." It also means: If you're not a Lost Tribe from Rural Appalachia, You're a Lost Tribe from Rural Sicily. Canastota means, if you have teeth, you're considered to be upper middle class (there are no rich folks). It's hard to marry a local and not commit incest. Finally, the cemeteries are lovely!

Canastota is where there is more poundage per square inch of torso than any place south of Quebec. And where the schools are so bad that even the teachers pull their kids out to send them to neighboring districts.

Boxing trumps brains. High school football trumps grades in this depopulating suburb of Wal-Mart. Canastota is where intellect takes a U-turn and returns whence it came.
Q: "Oh, yeah, Canastota. Isn't that where the Boxing Hall of Fame is?"

A: "Yep. And where the median IQ is commensurate with Carmen Basilio's longest round!"
by Samdech May 26, 2011
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A city, mostly of Italians. Most people are not farmers, or rednecks. The village was incorporated in 1835 but reorganized by Italians in 1870. Canastota is the birthplace of Carmen Basilio and Edmund Giambastiani, and the home for some family of Muhammad Ali.
Unlike the retard above who can't spell

Canastota Resident: Why do people always try to act tuff on the net?

Aehteb78: Because I am to scared to do in in real life!
by dfa5454 January 19, 2011
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