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The Canadian Pipeline, not to be confused with the Alaskan Pipeline, is when two people each insert the end of a straw or tube into their butt. Then one of them farts, causing the air to travel into the others ass.
Alex: Hey dude, wanna canadian pipeline with me? I had chili for dinner.
Derek: No thanks, you might shart into my ass.
by Derek H. aka xmypantsx August 01, 2008
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An advanced sexual technique in which the female lays on her back with her legs folded over her head. The male then lays on the female's legs and inserts his penis into her snatch. The male then uses his arms on her legs to move up and down. The male does not pull out and directly transfers his fluids into her pussy.
Melisa: Jordan gave me a Canadian Pipeline last night, it was so kinky!!!
Jim: What the hell! I thought you and I had something special you fucking whore!!!!
by Tard Wrangler69 December 12, 2016
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The canadian pipeline is the act of inserting a straw into ones anus and then putting the other side of the straw into someones elses anus and then you proceed to fart and the gases will then travel into the others persons anus
"Hey bob want to canadian pipeline"
"no jimmy unless dad can join"
"Ok bob We will need the free way straw"
"Get a wide straw, i like the sensation it gives""
"ok jimmy i love uou"
by Angrynigel April 27, 2017
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