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Americans, who sew the Canadian flag or other explicitly Canadian displays onto their backpacks, when they travel abroad, and pretend to be Canadians. Many American liberals do this when travelling to Europe, to avoid being hated by European liberals for things like the Iraq War, where the US often drag their European allies into those wars and murder thousands of civilians. Or other American things that many Europeans often hate or look down on.

You can often spot Canadaboos in European countries like France, trying awkwardly to mimic Canadian behaviors that they saw on TV shows.
Canadaboo: Hello, I'm Canadian, eh. How aboot we grab a glass of maple syrup while playing ice hockey, and listen to some Justin Biever, eh. Oh, and I just want to say I'm soory aboot nothing.

Canadian: What the...
by Jooduk September 21, 2019
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one who likes the mythical culture of thine Canadians and would like to adapt of it when not be born in Canada. ya
big thicc boi: Mm them syrup from Canada be litty, eh?
jefferystar: u canadaboo, aboot time u know.
big thicc boi: no u
by . ~ s z q u e e t ~ . March 15, 2019
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