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The opposite of homesick (or home-lonely; medically, you're not actually ill). Intense longing to be back at summer camp. Afflicted persons may show a variety of symptoms, including melancholy, reminiscence, and attempts to incorporate camp culture, routine, and lingo into "real world" life.

The only known cure for campsickness is to send the afflicted person back to camp. Otherwise, be patient with them. Try to distract them without making them feel as though you don't care about how they feel. Listen to their camp stories, even though you've likely heard them more times than you care to. If possible, try to incorporate their favourite camp customs into the "real world". Encourage contact with other "camp people", because they will share experiences and alleviate the feeling of being alone.
After working full-time at summer camp, many counselors missed it so much they became campsick. Most of their friends at school and work did not understand, and aggravated the feeling.
by Verdauga March 22, 2010
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When you are at home but you want to be at camp. Like homesick except for worse. acompanied by crying, sleeping, and excessive amounts of ice cream consumption. May be also aompanied by wishing death upon ones self.
I'm sooo campsick!
I miss camp and want to die. What's wrong with me?....Oh, you must be campsick!
by spazgirl713 October 25, 2009
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