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A stoner-infested (as of 2010, when this writer graduated) High School in the city of sin, Moraga, California. Pre-dominantly white, maybe 4 black people in a 3 mile radius of the school. Weed-heads are abound and it probably doesn't deserve all of the scholastic accolades it gets. A lot of morons here, but also a few good men and women. And bitches. Two-faced, evil bitches. Stay away.
Campolindo High School is the level just below Purgatory for people who were just kind of bad but not evil.
by TheManofConstantSorrow December 24, 2010
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campolindo is a white rich school consisting of half smart and half drugy children. inside campo there is a grope: senior high, where Katie Whalen has taken over.
FRIEND: katie are you going to campolindo high school's senior high tonight?
KATIE: of coarse i am.. i run that place!
by April 19, 2011
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A school in the straight-edge town of Moraga, CA. Students are known to be active participants in a radical religous cult known as "Senior High Fellowship". The girls like to make up slang words such as "lame sauce" and "artard". These girls also abuse the word "super" by using it in every other sentence.
1) Campolindo High School is super. I can't wait to go to church group on Wednesday, but I'll be in big trouble because I haven't recruited enough people.
by lets pray February 03, 2007
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a bunch of pointless idiots who are practically all gingers, and are all jokes because they all wear campo sweatpants and sweatshirts, think they are cool, and hate their own school, because they can never succeed
Ur about as gay as those ginger fag campolindo high school kids.
by we are 13373R than u October 13, 2008
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A school full of fags except for Canyon Critter Chris, Grant Fraiser, Nate Wong, Chris Baker, and Harry Huss
Campolindo High School is a school full of faggot ass queers; exceot for those couple of pimpass motha fuckas
by Wanderinghobo77 November 30, 2004
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