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A small prvate school that marks the divide between Studio City and North Hollywood. Also marks the divide between the wealthy mountain neighborhoods and the poorer valley neighborhoods.
"I live south of the boulevard. Yeah, on the NH side of Campbell Hall."
by Jessykissy May 28, 2007
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An AMAZING school with a GORGEOUS campus.
It is WAY bigger then Marlborough.
It is also WAY BETTER then Marlborough.
Girl 1: "That school off of Laurel Canyon is gorgeous!"

Girl 2 "Oh! It must be Campbell Hall!!"
by holla@thedisco January 25, 2009
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A horribly expensive private school in the San Fernando Valley. The junior high and elementary schools are very good, but I would recommend leaving before high school. High School at Campbell Hall is being in a bubble where you just only know Campbell Hall kids and never branch out.

As for the girls, they are not very attractive and if they are they are very bitchy and only go out with themselves.

Better alternatives to Campbell Hall: Loyola, Marymount, Notre Dame, Marlborough, Notre Dame Academy, Viewpoint, and maybe Crespi
Guy: Oh you go to Campbell Hall? Aren't the girls there ano and really ugly?

Guy 2: Yeah, they are. Plus like Dakota Fanning goes there. SHe's a total bitch.
by gruppesechssecurity December 16, 2010
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A exclusive private school in north hollywood that somehow has really good athletics yet gets trampled in league championships. Known for their viking pride, Campbell hall is better than their snooty rival Viewpoint, their lesser adversary Windward, and don't get us started on those kids out in Landcaster Paraclete.
Kid 1: Did you hear about those kids transferring from Windward to Campbell hall for football ?
Kid 2: Yea, I heard the actually will help us beat Sierra Canyon this year.
by AZfinest May 05, 2017
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