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Camp Taconic is a sleepaway camp located in Hinsdale, Massachusetts. Almost everyone is very kind-hearted, while some people can be very jappy. It's a place that'll always make you laugh, and will never disappoint. If you're younger, don't go to the old waterski dock or teen snack. Don't be scared if you see a man yelling hasteens! If you like to be goofy and make lifelong memories, camp taconic is the place for you!
person 1 : "Where are you going to camp this summer?"
person 2 : "Oh, I'm going to camp taconic!"
Steve burke : "1, 2, 3, HASTEENS!!!"
by person01235 September 06, 2019
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A seven week summer camp located in hinsdale, mass. You go back for years and years; all the shit happens at teensnack. U make your typical jappy summer camp friends, everyone can be b!tches but everyone always wants to return despite the lack of normal tasting food. Every girl is obsessed with Taconic and it’s a nice place overall
by Taconiclover23456 December 08, 2018
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