The Greatest Camp on earth; Often called Camelot.

Founded in 1903, Belknap is an all boys summer camp in New Hampshire on Lake Winnipisauki, where campers go for 2, 4, 5, or 8 week sessions and where all counselors (called leaders) are picked from campers in the Senior (oldest) division.

Campers are between the ages of 8 and 16.
They are placed in divisions by age (from youngest to oldest): Cadets, Juniors, Middlers, Besserrers, Seniors.

Seniors who get Senior Rec may be asked to come back the following year for a month as an LC (basically a position between camper and leader)

Every session there is a Huckins Dance where the girls from the Huckins camp come to Belknap for a dance with the seniors. Despite the girls usually being between 1 and 3 years younger than all the seniors, the dance is usually a lot of fun as they are the only girls the guys get to see during their stay.

Each Cadet is paired with a Senior "older brother" in order to get them accustomed to a summer away from their parents.

In 2003 Camp Belknap celebrated its 100th year, making it one of the oldest summer camps in the United States.

All in all Belknap is the greatest place on earth, and it is completely deserving of its status as a Camelot. Every boy should have the opportunity to attend this camp as it is not only the perfect way to spend your summer, but its family-like atmosphere helps shape boys into nice, respectful men.
"Let it never be forgot/ that once there was a spot/ That for one brief, shining moment/ Was known as Belknap."--Gene Clark (current Director of Camp Belknap)
by Sanky May 29, 2010
An awesome camp on lake winnapasaukee in NH.
by ChrisBFingers July 15, 2008