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When you make a spelling error. Ranging from small errors to errors that are no longer understandable. The worse the error is, the more Cami'd it is. This also applies to small errors in-which you make no attempt to correct.
When you make mistakes often, it is said that you speak Caminese.
Example 1;
Person 1- Hye gyus!
Person 2- Lol you Cami'd that up.

Example 2;
Person 1- ;p; fnuny jkoe
Person 1- lol funny joke*
Person 2- Stop speaking Caminese.
by EarWacs April 11, 2010
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To build a show car to the point of perfection but just keep going until its bordering on being ruined and completely undrivable.
Oh did you see that R32 GTST Davie? Yeah, it was looking mint but now it's been Cami'd.
by Fire and skill September 06, 2018
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