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Firstly, fly to Peru using the ticket with the shrubbery bush. Drive to Mancos, Peru and in apartment number 208, there is a box with the location of a gypsy tribe. Go to the address and obtain the gypsy named Frank. You must lure him with the shrubbery bush. Once the gypsy is close enough, corner him, knock him out and duct tape him, then throw him in the van. The gypsy will give you the location of the camel costume used to cameltop, and the location of where to do it in Egypt. Fly to Egypt, with the bitch. Go to the location and you find the camel costume, and the camel with three humps. The final part involves roofieing both the camel AND the girl, who should wear the camel costume, or else either one will become aware of what they are about to do. The camel will see the girl in the camel costume, and will proceed to mount the girl, and mate. Next drink the 5 gallons to simulate a camel, and DP the girl with the camel. Then fly back to your home, change your name because what you have done is illegal in 48 and 1/2 states and 147 countries, and punishable by death in Thailand and Indonesia.
You: yo man while cameltopping her last night I accidentally touched the camels balls.
Other guy: dude that's disgusting.
You: Keep it on the DL.
by XCFL August 15, 2011
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