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When a man's pants are so tight an outline of his gentials can be seen. The male counterpart to the camel toe.
I don't watch much figure skating on account of all the camel bro.
by jorge enfuego November 11, 2006
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A condition caused when the crotch of a man's pants is worn too high and his balls are parted like a woman's labia. Male cameltoe.
His pants were pulled up so high, he was sporting a camelbro.
by Sassyguava May 10, 2007
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When you can see a gentleman's genital area due to tight fitting clothes. Basically the male version of cameltoe
Keith: "Dude, did you see Ben's Camelbro?"
Julian: "Ya, he picked the wrong day to wear those cross-country shorts and I must say that it isn't that flattering."
by NEjoga018 December 25, 2011
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When an othewise normal looking guy has incomfortably little slack in the crotch reigion causing a lumpy mass of man bits to be pushed not only up, but out for the rest of the world to view
While standing on the subway today some guy's Camel Bro totally brushed against my hand.... I feel violated
by btwoodley December 23, 2009
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