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A sick as fuck person! Munching on pussy since day one! He never backs down from a challenge and he's willing to stick his dick in anything... ANYTHING... Except for males... He doesn't want to be up in that. Although, he doesn't not frown upon people who do... He gets all the girlies and is the coolest guy in school... NO LIE
Person #1: Hey, did you hear about Callon?
Person #2: Oh! You mean the guy who gets every girl? Of course I've heard of him!
by CoolGuy420 December 06, 2012
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Callon is a very cool guy for the most part. ..doesn't stick his dick into anything . Very sweet but moody .no sense of styles almost always loves Jordans .
Can't admit when he is wrong and prefers to order you tequilas than to say sorry .
Loves modified cars , stervy kinnes and being shady AF!
Ay don't be a Callon !
by MarleighAsh October 20, 2018
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