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A cool-ish school in Northern California with a beautiful campus, nice facilities, and an acceptable quantity and quality of textbooks, but with sporadic shitty faculty. Your grades don't reflect your knowledge, they reflect how much a teacher likes you. You won't learn anything. Waste your time at a great place for spending time in a neat place where you can do personal study, and where the only people who have half a monkey's clue what they're doing here are the students, who tend to be friendly and polite for the most part. Parties are lamer than cheesy high school parties, but the crowd tends to be nice. Enjoy your otherwise comfortable and sanitary stay and the beautiful scenery. Plus side? Nice bars in town, and the Sierra Nevada brewery, and nice restaurants. And keep it hillbilly. :)
Douched #1: Yo dude, I got an F in this class at California State University, Chico, even though I did all the work and answered everything right, and handed it all in time! And I went to all the classes, because if you're absent more than the allowed time, you fail, because they take fucking roll like it's goddam pre-school!
Douched #2: That's because you didn't pleasure your Nazi teacher in a Satanist way and lucked out by not getting one of the cool ones. Don't bother petitioning, monkeys will not help you. Only the books in the library and bookstore can make your time here educationally worthwhile if your teacher is a Nazi.
by TheRealTonyJaa November 12, 2011
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