Iis often reffered to as a laid back fairytale- like mentality it usually means that one is hoping for something that is not going to happen. It is a state of denial
'My boyfriend loves me he would never cheat on me...." after he admitted to doing so.... you were california dreaming
by xcanelax August 16, 2011
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A term used in reference to a person (typically a girl) from California who you have an attraction to; similar to calling someone a "dream boat."

A particularly attractive person (typically a girl) from California.
The new girl, Stacy, was a California Dream.

She flirted, "Oh, don't be that way, my California Dream."
by coldwaterbaby April 25, 2017
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n., the best tv show of all time. 5 seasons, from 1992-1997, about a group of highschool kids who play in a band. they deal with real life issues in between gigs. their music is amazing, and u should buy the cd if its available (there are 2 but 1 of them is hard to find - it's called the Anthology)
Man A: Are you watching California Dreams tonight?
Man B: Wouldn't miss it for the world!
by WMW11387 June 27, 2005
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The act of inserting a cream sickle into a woman's vagina immediately after giving birth, the warmth of the embryonic fluid melts the cream sickle and what is left on the stick is California dream cream.
The young boy went up to the ice cream truck and asked the man for a Spongebob pop. The man gave him the pop and the boy exclaimed "that's not a spongebob pop, that's California Dream Cream!"
by mike devivo February 8, 2015
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